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With over 20 years of experience in making wood products, we offer an alternative for Montessori educational materials, which are produced in Romania in accordance with the Montessori requirements. Our goal is to achieve quality educational materials and the right (the use of incorrectly produced educational materials can create confusion in the mind of the child).

Also, our product range is very wide and ranges from wooden wooden houses for children to furniture and decorative items - we offer an alternative for interior and exterior design , Personalized, using an ecological, "warm" material, welcoming and of course decorative - WOOD.

For details, you can contact us at +40 751.218.148 or by email:

New products
Senzorial Starter Pack
price: 2.078,00 LEI
price: 1.978,00 LEI
price: 439,56 EUR
Bank Game

price: 3.000,00 LEI
price: 666,67 EUR
Fraction Circles

price: 350,00 LEI
price: 77,78 EUR
Circle inserts - fractions are made of painted and varnished MDF. The product consists of 10 plates with circles divided into slices from 1 to 10. Stands are not included, they can be purchased separately.
The product is recommended for children over 7 years of age.
This product is a didactic material, it is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age unsupervised.
Multiple Shape Puzzle Set 044200

price: 85,00 LEI
price: 18,89 EUR
Permanence Box with Drawer

price: 90,00 LEI
price: 20,00 EUR

price: 75,00 LEI
price: 16,67 EUR
Botany Cabinet

price: 830,00 LEI
price: 184,44 EUR

price: 245,00 LEI
price: 54,44 EUR
price: 7.425,00 LEI
price: 6.660,00 LEI
price: 1.480,00 EUR
Small wooden chair

price: 80,00 LEI
price: 17,78 EUR
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